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Pink Flowers Photograph
Copyright: Lisa Fotios on Pexels

Startseite (Produkte) / Slider:
fresh pink cherry blossom twigs on blue wooden background
Copyright: Anastasia Collection on Canva

Startseite (Produkte) / Slider:
fresh pink cherry blossom twigs on blue wooden background
Copyright: Green leaf cutout on Canva

Startseite (Produkte) / Slider:
Blade of grass with artistic curves
Copyright: AlessandroZocc on Getty Images

Startseite (Produkte) / Slider:
Care and nurture the environment to ensure growth into a sustainable future.
Copyright: jamenpercy on Getty Images

Startseite (Produkte) / Slider:
Cinnamon, oranges and anise against white background
Copyright: Santje09 on Getty Images

Startseite (Produkte) / Slider:
White snowflake, isolated w/clipping path
Copyright: CrackerClips Stock Media on Canva

Startseite (Produkte) / Kundenstimme Hotel:
Modern Hotel Bedroom Interior
Copyright: davidlee770924 on pixabay

Startseite (Produkte) / Kundenstimme Bestatter:
close-up of the side of a coffin with brass handles
Copyright: George Doyle on Photo Images

Startseite (Produkte) / Kundenstimme Büro/Unternehmen:
modern loft area office interior. 3d rendering design concept
Copyright: victorzastolskiy on Canva

Startseite (Produkte) / Kundenstimme Optiker:
Shopping cart view in Supermarket aisle with product shelves abstract blur defocused background
Copyright: Kwangmoozaa on Getty Images Pro

Startseite (Produkte) / Kundenstimme Altenheim:
Senior woman with her caregiver at home
Copyright: AlexRaths on Getty Images Pro

Startseite (Produkte) / Kundenstimme Fitnessstudio:
Woman in Black Sports Bra With Grey Leggings Carrying Yoga Mat
Copyright: on Pexels

Startseite (Produkte) / Kundenstimme Privathaushalt und Einsatzbereiche / Privatperson:
Table top with letters making the words home sweet home
Copyright: jefunne on Getty Images Pro

Großflächenbeduftung / Beduftung auf der Fläche:
Blur background interior view looking out toward to empty office lobby and entrance doors and glass curtain wall
Copyright: Chinnapong on Getty Images Pro

Großflächenbeduftung / Beduftung über die Lüfungsanlage:
Ventilation system on the pipes
Copyright: Anton Minin on Getty Images

Düfte / Titelbild:
Magic pink rhododendron flowers on summer mountain. Dramatic overcast sky. Carpathian, Ukraine, Europe. Beauty world.
Copyright: leonid_tit on Getty Images Pro

Einsatzbereiche / Titelbild:
Field of flowers
Copyright: Catherine Lacey Dodd on Getty Images

Einsatzbereiche / Titelbild Kliniken & Sozialpflege:
Clinical corridor
Copyright: deepblue4you on Getty Images Signature

Kliniken & Sozialpflege / Wirkung Bewohner, Patienten:
Row Wheelchairs in the hospital ,Wheelchairs waiting for patient services with light copy space on left area
Copyright: jes2ufoto on Getty Images Pro

Kliniken & Sozialpflege / Wirkung Mitarbeiter:
male nurse working
Copyright: ImplementarFilms on Getty Images

Kliniken & Sozialpflege / Wirkung Angehörige:
Woman walking up white stairs
Copyright: Natthapol on Getty Images Pro

Kliniken & Sozialpflege / Kundenstimme Hauswirtschaftsleitung:
Corridor in a clinic
Copyright: -lvinst- on Getty Images

Kliniken & Sozialpflege / Kundenstimme Hausleitung:
a care worker or medical professional or housing officer makes a house call to a senior client at her home . She is discussing the senior woman’s options on her digital tablet.
Copyright: sturti on Getty Images Signature

Einsatzbereiche / Titelbild Hotel & Gastronomie:
Chairs and Tables in Hotel
Copyright: Quark Studio on Pexels

Hotel & Gastronomie / Außenwirkung:
Happy hotel guest relaxing drinking coffee and looking away on the beach
Copyright: AntonioGuillem on Getty Images

Hotel & Gastronomie / Wirkung Mitarbeiter:
beautiful brand new european restaurant in downtown
Copyright: fiphoto on Getty Images Pro

Hotel & Gastronomie / Kundenmeinung Hoteldirektorin:
smiling manager girl in free time holding hot espresso coffee cup walking on outdoor gray wall background thinking about hotel marketing planning.
Copyright: PRImageFactory on Getty Images

Hotel & Gastronomie / Kundenmeinung Restaurantleiter:
hotel reception desk with bell and blurred receptionist on background
Copyright: LightFieldStudios on Getty Images Pro

Einsatzbereiche / Titelbild Fitness & Wellness:
Mature fit man and woman doing exercises in gym to stay healthy
Copyright: nd3000 on Getty Images Pro

Fitness & Wellness / Außenwirkung:
Fitness woman working out with kettle bell
Copyright: Jacob Lund on Canva

Fitness & Wellness / Wirkung Kunden:
Woman training with dumbbells. Beautiful young woman holding dumbbells and smiling at camera
Copyright: vadimguzhva on Getty Images

Fitness & Wellness / Kundenmeinung Studioleitung:
Young woman meditates while practicing yoga. Freedom concept. Calmness and relax, woman happiness. Toned picture
Copyright: gregory_lee on Getty Images Pro

Fitness & Wellness / Kundenmeinung Geschäftsführung:
Young beautiful Asian woman sleep relaxing in the Oil spa massage in salon. Select focus hand of masseuse
Copyright: x-reflexnaja on Getty Images Pro

Einsatzbereiche / Titelbild Bestattungsinstitute:
Religion, death and dolor – coffin bearer carrying casket at funeral to cemetery
Copyright: Kzenon on Canva

Bestattungsinstitute / Wirkung Angehörige:
Coffin with red roses on top and floral arrangements inside a chapel
Copyright: michellegibson on Getty Images Signature

Bestattungsinstitute / Wirkung Mitarbeiter:
Close up of an elderly man’s hand putting his hand on a coffin saying goodbye to a friend
Copyright: michellegibson on Getty Images Signature

Bestattungsinstitute / Kundenmeinung Inhaber:
Man stands wearing a suit with his hands clasped inside a chapel before a funeral service
Copyright: michellegibson on Getty Images Signature

Bestattungsinstitute / Kundenmeinung Einkaufsleiter:
Church aisle. Flower arrangement. cuffing.
Copyright: BorupFoto on Getty Images

Einsatzbereiche / Titelbild Einzelhandel:
Bicycle parked at the shop
Copyright: rachelclairephotos on Canva

Einzelhandel / Außenwirkung:
Blur of shopping center
Copyright: Leung Cho Pan on Canva

Einzelhandel / Wirkung Mitarbeiter:
shopping center – people out of focus and unrecognizable
Copyright: letty17 on Getty Images Signature

Einzelhandel / Kundenmeinung Optiker:
Optician suggest glasses. Closeup showing many eyeglasses in background.
Copyright: BartekSzewczyk on Getty Images Pro

Einzelhandel / Kundenmeinung Boutiqueinhaberin:
Clothes in boutique
Copyright: Ginette Miron on Canva

Einsatzbereiche / Titelbild Office:
Modern Office
Copyright: lichaoshu on Getty Images Pro

Office / Wirkung Externe:
Copyright: lichaoshu on Getty Images Pro

Office / Wirkung Mitarbeiter:
Creative teamwork. Top view of excited young workers are transferring documents to each other while sitting at table. They are expressing gladness while working together
Copyright: YakobchukOlena on Getty Images Pro

Office / Kundenmeinung Geschäftsführung:
Nice view. Thoughtful well-dressed businessman is looking through office window to city while standing on top floor. He is holding hand in pockets of his pants
Copyright: YakobchukOlena on Getty Images

Office / Kundenmeinung Abteilungsleitung:
Managing director of corporation using smartphone, working on business report
Copyright: Motortion on Getty Images

Einsatzbereiche / Titelbild Privatperson:
Table top with letters making the words home sweet home
Copyright: jefunne on Getty Images Pro

Privatperson / Wirkung bei Ihnen:
Rear view of young woman opening curtains in the room
Copyright: DragonImages on Canva

Privatperson / Wirkung Besucher:
Black Home Area Rug
Copyright: Kelly Lacy on Pexels

Privatperson / Kundenmeinung Privatperson:
Female clothes on clothing rack. Pastel colors
Copyright: I_rinka on Getty Images Pro

Privatperson / Kundenmeinung Private Pflege:
Children hand in granny’s hands
Copyright: cherydi on Getty Images

Aromatherapie / Titelbild:
fresh green basil plant leaves, apothecary oil bottles, aromalamp
Copyright: Getty Images Pro

Über uns / Titelbild:
frame of medicinal herbal leaves and flowers on white background
Copyright: botamochi on Getty Images Pro

Über uns / Think Green / Vegan:
Green leaves background
Copyright: silverjohn on Getty Images Pro

Über uns / Think Green / Tierversuchsfrei:
Corgi dog smile and happy in summer sunny day
Copyright: Tatomm on Getty Images Pro

Über uns / Think Green / Recycling:
Worker giving a package in distribution warehouse
Copyright: BrianAJackson on Getty Images Pro

Über uns / Think Green / Regional:
sunny road
Copyright: tarasov_vl on Getty Images Pro

Über uns / Think Green / Health friendly:
Serene young woman with arms outstretched doing yoga in the desert
Copyright: XiXinXing on Canva

Über uns / Think Green / Duales System:
Waste water recycle, eco friendly and saving biological sustainability concept: Elements of this image furnished by NASA
Copyright: Chinnapong on Getty Images Pro

Über uns / Think Green / Nachhaltig:
fresh sugarcane in garden.
Copyright: undefined undefined on Getty Images Pro

Über uns / Think Green / Sozial:
Men joining hands in group therapy.
Copyright: Science Photo Library on Canva

Spray XTREME / Titelbild:
Explosion of black powder on white background.
Copyright: UD10671 on Getty Images Pro

Spray XTREME / Kundenstimmen Häusliche Pflege:
Hand of an Old Woman
Copyright: beejees on pixabay

Spray XTREME / Kundenstimmen Tiere:
Pet group concept as dogs cats a hamster and budgie gathered together as a symbol for veterinary care and support or pets store design element for home animals advertising and marketing.
Copyright: wildpixel on Getty Images Pro

Spray XTREME / Kundenstimmen Essengerüche:
Two cooks cutting and frying mushrooms in the kitchen
Copyright: SeventyFour on Getty Images Pro

Spray XTREME / Kundenstimmen Zigarettenrauch:
smoking Cigarettes tobacco in hand with a soft-focus. concept quit Cigarettes are dangerous to health.
Copyright: Rattankun Thongbun on Getty Images Pro

Spray XTREME / Kundenstimmen Auto:
Car windscreen with country road, view inside out
Copyright: Anastasia Collection on Canva

Spray XTREME / Kundenstimmen Beduftung:
Little white coffee table
Copyright: Kaboompics .com on Pexels

Persönliche Beratung / Kundenbetreuer Eva Hagemann:
Woman head icon
Copyright: grmarc on Canva

Persönliche Beratung / Kundenbetreuer Margit Simon:
Woman faceless head icon
Copyright: djvstock on Canva

Persönliche Beratung / Kundenbetreuer Marlen Huppach:
Woman faceless head icon vector illustration graphic design
Copyright: djvstock on Canva

Persönliche Beratung / Kundenbetreuer Anna Salwik:
Woman faceless head icon vector illustration graphic design
Copyright: djvstock on Canva

Blog / Vitale Düfte in Zeiten von Covid-19:
Fresh green mint plants in growth at field
Copyright: Vaivirga on Getty Images Pro

Blog / Wieder Durchatmen mit Maskenspray für Mund-Nasen-Schutz:
holding mask during sunset
Copyright: Evgeniy Chernyshov on Getty Images

Blog / Gesundheitfreundliche Beduftung ohne Mikrotröpfchen:
holding mask during sunset
Copyright: Evgeniy Chernyshov on Getty Images

Blog / Made in Germany – nachhaltig & regional:
Copyright: Skitterphoto on Pexels

Aromatherapie / Aromaspray:
Fresh mint leaf, lemon balm herb on wooden background with copyspace, close up’n
Copyright: Zakharova_Natalia on Getty Images Pro

Aromatherapie / Raumduftgeräte & Bikonat:
Flowers composition. Frame made of rose flowers and eucalyptus branches on pastel blue background. Flat lay, top view, copy space
Copyright: Getty Images Pro

Aromatherapie / Duftmemory:
Patchouli sprig. Isolated on white background.
Copyright: spline_x on Getty Images Pro

Aromatherapie / Vital Mint; Maskenspray / Vital Mint:
Fresh green mint plants in growth at field
Copyright: Vaivirga on Getty Images Pro

Aromatherapie / Vital Eukalyptus; Maskenspray / Vital Eukalyptus:
A Bunch of Leaves
Copyright: LauraLisLT–4624473 on pixabay

Aromatherapie / Zirbe:
Pine needles
Copyright: Photo Images

Aromatherapie / Lavendel-Zypresse:
Lavender field at sunset
Copyright: Getty Images Pro

Shopseiten / Titelbild:
Round frame wreath made of rose flowers, eringium flower, eucalyptus branches on pale pastel pink background. Flat lay, top view. Floral background
Copyright: Floral Deco

Cat & Dog / Titelbild:
Cute Dog and Cat Together
Copyright: StockSnap—894430 on pixabay

Cat & Dog / Textilien:
shetland sheepdog lies in his dog basket
Copyright: huettenhoelscher on Getty Images

Cat & Dog / Wischpflege:
Keine Beschreibung
Copyright: stevepb on pixabay

Cat & Dog / Waschmaschine:
Interior of a real laundry room with a washing machine at home
Copyright: Yuganov Konstantin on Canva

Easy Summer / Titelbild:
beautiful woman with the cosmos flower field
Copyright: geargodz on Getty Images

Easy Summer / Produktkonzepte:
Colourful handmade paper flowers on light blue background with copyspace
Copyright: Redphotographer on Getty Images Pro

Maskenspray / Titelbild:
holding mask during sunset
Copyright: Evgeniy Chernyshov on Getty Images

Wiederverkäufer / Produkte:
Set of glass dark brown bottles for cosmetics and medicine products
Copyright: JulyProkopiv on Getty Images

Gewinnspiel / Titelbild:
Gift boxes on wooden table background with copy space
Copyright: karandaev on Getty Images Pro

Alle weiteren Bilder wurden von den Mitarbeitern der GmbH selbst fotografiert.

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